Auto Outlet is an authorized dealer and service center for Prins LPG. We offer LPG for cars brands Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, etc. Prins Alternative Fuel Systems is a leading global manufacturer which has more than 25 years engaged in the development of alternative fuel systems. Excellent sequential gas injection system Prins VSI 2.0 has been developed together with Keihin Corporation. Prins company provides its product VSI 2.0 Europe-wide 3-year warranty. With this system is consumption during operation of the gas closest to running on petrol (+5 to +15%).

We offer LPG VSI 2.0 for all of our new cars or for our used one. Your Auto Outlet new car warranty is valid with our instillation, you service the car and LPG system at our service center. Products and solutions of Prins company are considered the best for American cars.

Price is included installation, control button with possibility set color of your car and basic fuel tank in toroid shape. Fuel tank has capacity 80l and is installed under your car instead of spare wheel.

Suitable for cars

  • Grand Cherokee

  • 2011 and newer

  • 105 500 CZK

  • 127 655 CZK

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