The BAKBox is no ordinary toolbox. It is literally a box that integrates with your BAKFlip tonneau cover, bringing with it a wide variety of incredible utility and functionality. The BAKBox easily folds away when you need that extra space in your truck to load large items. It is made from impact resistant, non corrosive panels and comes equipped with a sliding tool tray for smaller items. The BAKBox converts to shelving, doubles as a cooler chest and can be removed at times when you need to take your tools onto the job site. You can add one or more BAKBoxes to your BAKFlip cover too. They simply drop onto your rails for a drill free installation.

The price is without installation.

Suitable for cars

  • 1500 / 1500 Classic / 1500 HEMI

  • 15 200 CZK

  • 18 392 CZK

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